Events - March 10 2007 Adventure Beach Paintball

Adventure Beach Paintball 12 hour big game run by Jet. I drove down to the SC border and played at this new field. It appears that Adventure beach has historically been a speedball field with some very nice courses, but is now trying to break into the Scenario players market. The game brought in about 100 players. Lufen from Bebop played with me, the only RAT present. Too many Rats had been burned in prior years by bad games at the field and had chosen not to return. This game was run very well. I had no complaints, except the long walks to tag back into the game. The field is long and narrow, with a center road running down it, to make tanks the ultimate weapon. I ended up leaving after about 6 hours, as the drive back home was going to be long and painful in my busted-radio Jeep.

I played with the Wolverine side, lead by Bruce(?). We did ok, but really got pummeled on some of the missions. I enjoyed playing with so many Wolverines, they seem to be a good group to play with and against.

The field was pretty thick with brush, then built up really well in some areas with pallets and buildings. Their City area was very impressive.


Thats me in the back Pyramid behind the building. This was the pre-dinner final battle that pretty mcuh brought an end to the game.

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