Events - Feb 9 2008 Black River Paintball

I was XO of the American forces during the Battle of The Buldge II game. I spent a lot of time planning for this and I hope it showed. I was given the MVP award for the American forces. He are my thoughts on the event the day after.


I like change. I have played most other positions over the last few years in scenario paintball, except a good leadership position. I also know how hard it is for producers to recruit good generals. With Jet running this game, I knew it would go smoothly and I could plan accordingly. I also was sick and it happened to work out great for me, to be there, but not play. I respect Allen a lot and was very proud to serve under him at this game. Finally, I wanted to present leadership in paintball as not something to be taken lightly. If a player volunteers for a position, they should know they have to work harder than the normal players and be accountable. I deep down hope, that I could set a new level for leadership at these games.
A few weeks before the game, I spoke with Jet about how unbalanced the teams looked. I thought Otto was doing one hell of a job recruiting teams. Severe sent me some contacts he had with other Carolina teams. I told Jet we would take the hit and accept the majority of walk-ons. It was just a game. Just a few days before the game, I began a dialog with Kevin Shimmel from Shadow Group. I really enjoyed playing with those guys at Adventure beach, and expressed to him my desire to get Shadow over to our side. With teams lopsided enough, he agreed to change. I am not sure how much pressure he also received from Jet or others, but I was pleased to gain his team’s support. This was a great point to push on Otto, how I stole his largest organized team.
Morning Setup
The morning of the game, I swung by home depot to acquire more caution tape and string to supplement my diversion plans. Severe and I walked the Southern Swamp around the second German insertion point. We found some main trails and set up decoy boundaries and signs to slow the Germans down. I shopped around my ideas on spies, and met with many of the BR forum regulars who were there to help. I specifically hunted down Shadow Group to meet and pass out role cards. Lew, from Black Knights found me and I relayed to him what information I had at the time. The initial meeting with BKs was good. Lew and others presented themselves with not questions of how things were going to run, or questions about the game, but more specifically stated – where do you need us? It was the first of many surprises I received from their team in total dedication to helping us win.
Pregame announcements
I explained my plan of defining the field as A/B/C zones. A zone represented the middle woods area just to the north of the fort field, covering the dry pond area and just before the large pond by the barn/German insertion area. The Black Knights would be the core team to take this area.
Zone B was the largest area, and had less objectives in it. It was the North tape line that ran the back of the Amazon and also covered the German Command Post. Shadow Group was the largest and best suited for controlling this area in my mind. I believed they would be able to rally up all the walk ons and be able to push all the way to the enemy CP.
Zone C was the area to the south of the fort field. We knew there would be a limited amount of Germans who would be able to insert there. I thought RATS would be the smallest of the organized teams. I know the RATS play very independent of the other team-mates, and with the thickness of the terrain back there, I thought it work out perfect.
I explained the need for players to reinsert quickly, and return to base to be reassigned a location to go to.
10:00 Mission 1 defend Ardennes – the heart of our A zone.
Once I heard the mission, I knew we had it. BK took the ground quickly and called in that they could hold it. It happened quickly. I heard reports that B zone was being hit hard and that A could hold, but not advance. C was being covered and they were advancing towards the insertion point.
10:30 Mission 2 patrol back field – far end of our B zone
B group was being chewed up and it was hard replacing them. I occasionally heard cries for help in the C zone, but again A was locked up with no advancing, but maintaining postions. I really had my doubts on the ability of team to accomplish this. We failed this mission, but I got a better understanding of how much more support B zone needed.
11:00 Mission 2 destroy South swamp entry C zone
I was unprepared to receive this mission when it was called in. I really messed this up as general. I ended up telling people they had to hit the German base at the far end of the pond. I figured out as Allen and others told me, I should have sent players to C-zone to eliminate the base there. I misinterpreted the call in and limited the players in C zone, while heavily reinforcing the A zone. B zone was being pounded and players in A were getting pissed about not moving up. It was a real low point.
I don’t remember this mission, but we got hit hard. A kept telling players to go to the end of the fort field and head into the woodline there, going north to the far north tapeline the head back to the German CP. Players got pounded. Soon, since the C zone was not being reinforced, they got past the Chrono area for the only time int eh day and starting hitting the back of our players. This soon caused a general retreat back to the fort field. I tried hard to rally the players.
12:00 defend satellite dish
I knew we could get this mission after several failed missions if we could just push the players off the fort field. At this time I picked up my gun and tried to force our team to move forward. With some screaming and shouting and limited shooting we got them on the run. With 20 minutes left, I had the whole fort field to myself, with no Germans in sight. This was easy, too easy. I was opening walking the whole of the fort field with no gun fire around. I started commenting on the lack of new insertions, but did not think too much off it.
12:30 keep flag raised fort
We got the prior mission and this seemed to just be another bonus mission. Then I learned that Germans had not been dieing, but just massing for the next attack on my base. I saw players swarming out of both sides of the woodline and it appeared to me we only had about 10 players alive on the field. I heard people yelling about lunchtime and I believed our force was really limited. I grabbed both artillery strikes and passed them to Vitum for bombing the two back corners of the fort field. It was too late and many of the Germans were already in the fort. I tried rushing the fort, but was shot. As I was walking back in, I was with the German line advancing on the American CP. I was about 20 yards behind the German team as they yelled “all dead” on the base. Static quickly grabbed all my resupply ammo cans. I walked over and said to him that he could not take them. He politely handed them back to me. I then placed them back on the ground outside the CP. Not sure why he listened to me. I had tagged the base, then asked Victum was I allowed to reinsert or was there a hold on that action. He did not give me a direct answer, except that the CP was blown and Germans had to pull back. He then started yelling at the Germans to move back. Then explained that the CP was blown up, therefore all Germans around it were dead. I said if they are not dead I will begin shooting them. I then walked from player to player shooting them in the feet, ankles or knees. Some shouting happened, but we eventually got the Germans to move back to the end of the fort field, but mission was over, so most Americans quit for lunch. Some Americans decided to walk with retreating Germans and try to sneak to the German CP.
1:00 lunchbreak
2:00 Blow the German CP

Yeah, we never even came close to their CP and now they want us to blow it up. I saw no hope in this mission, but gave the troops the same positions as earlier that morning. Shadow Group (B-Zone) had almost no players present. They also had one of my satchel charges.
2:30 knock out German base by insertion area
I had A group push hard, but I knew this wasn’t going to happen
3:00 defend the southern swamp bridge
I really thought the RATS could handle this, but was down on points, so I reallocated as many BK players as I could from A zone to C zone. We doubled the amount of players in C zone and held the bridge. I think Mars from Bebop got stuck with the mission card and literally stood on the middle of the bridge for close to 20 minutes, surrounded by about 10 other players. I actually walked out there at one point with my gun to see if I could help. I pushed way past the bridge with the goal of closing down the insertion point. I only shot a few rounds before I knocked in the head and left the field.
Some issues came up, as I heard Ken and others screaming about player integrity. I called in to Jet, who allocated more and more refs to that side of the field. I tried to do my part, by keeping Ken and some other loud players from that area after they came back to reinsert at the CP. I knew there were problems and I wanted to keep them away from it before they exploded. Ken did an excellent job of guarding the back Swamp area by my CP for about 45 minutes, before he asked to be sent somewhere else.
3:30 destroy southern German entry
We were pushing the Germans hard on the south side and I thought this would be simple. I got all two LAWS over there and both satchel charges into that area. I thought it would be a quick and easy fight. We would close the insertion point, then re-allocate all C-zone players into B-zone to push on their CP. I figured 5-10 minutes and this mission would be over. In the real world, the Germans pushed hard and drove us out. I didn’t get it. I kept dropping more and more players into C-zone and they were still getting pushed. My A and B zones were nearly gone, and I was not reinforcing it with any strength. I knew this was not going my way and I really was starting to feel that the entire game was going to b lost for us in the next 30 minutes.
4:00 stop German resupply
We were struggling just to hold the fort field again. I grabbed my gun again and shot some paint, but it was no use. We had too few players and they were getting in all the right places to defend. Once they solidified there position in the Fort itself, I knew it was over. I started packing things up. Some Americans still rallied and played on, but we were getting hit from all sides. I grabbed Kyle Klein and cleared out the southern woodline, then pushed hard past the fort. I did my best to cheer up the Americans that were stuck in bad places. Near the end, Severe took the command radio and called in some unknown to me command of air strike on the fort. Just as he called it in, the whole fort cleared out and the Germans ran. We were pissed. Had they been listening to our secure command frequency? How did they know to clear out all players from an area that was about to be bombed? It sounded fishy and Severe spent the next 20 minutes discussing this with Jet and trying to blame someone.
4:30 get to the barn
This was fun. Most of my team had given up by this point and was out in the parking lot awaiting the final battle. I could not count more than a few players. I knew we were barely holding the fort field and there was no way to make it to the Barn. I pulled off my camo shirt, exposing my bright white t-shirt, put green tape all over my mask, broke down my gun and paint into a backpack and pulled out my camera. I abandoned the CP and hike straight in with the German troops back to the barn. No one questioned me. When ever I got an odd glance I would shout “let me take your picture!” “look for your picture in the forum Monday!” Many times my camera was not even on. I got within 50 feet of the barn and was confronted by Foolybear. He knew me and didn’t trust me. He said, just to make sure, he would barrel tag me. I said that’s fine and wanted to go take some pictures elsewhere. I asked for his advice on where to go, then I walked off the field – but to him I was hoping he would assume I was just moving to another area for pictures. I am not sure of the legality, but I did stall for a few seconds before walking off the field, but it was less than a minute, then I took the most direct path off the field. I walked right past Jet and Severe, and headed right back to reinsert and try it again. This time I stayed away from Fooleybear. I came up behind the barn then invited Otto into the barn to talk with me. We spoke for a while, I was just stalling to see if I could judge how many Germans were in and around the barn. It was far too many. With about a minute left, I left the barn to go back, hide, and re-assemble my gun. I hope to do a mad rush into the barn with just seconds left. My watch was not synched with Jet and the game ended with me outside the barn and only half a gun completed. Otto and his long winded conversations slowed me enough to prevent my assault. I told Jet what had happened, and we both thought it was amusing.
5:00 end break for final battle
I left at this point, as I had other commitments. I told Allen I highly recommended Jag (I think) for MVP as he was the one that brought the satchel charge into the enemy cp after lunchtime. We both heavily agreed on Black Knights for MVT.
5:30 final battle
I heard later on the forums that we one the final battle. I had my doubts and felt bad about leaving, but I am so glad we pulled it out. I think this was really Allan’s doing. He makes a great presence on the field and knows how to direct and push people.

I just want to say thanks to Allen for helping me when needed. Thanks Meghan for helping at the CP – for those of you who did not meet her, she was my base ref that ended the day helping me draw on my board. Thanks to Black Knights for making my life a whole lot easier on the field. Thanks to RATS for giving me support and never asking why, that kind of trust really improves a general’s morale. Thanks to the BR regulars for supporting me, Paintslinger, Jag, Fix, Captain Guavara and others. Also, Scarface, you can be a medic on my team anytime.
As always Jet, you ran a great game, I will be back.



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