Events - May 5 2007 Black River Paintball

May 5, Black River Big Game by Bebop - Fast Food Wars. Otto, once Bebop player now renegade back suited somewhat Krisis player was captain of our team - Burger King. We faced off against the clowns, which included some of the SplatBrothers mainstay of Trapper, Coyote, Dan/Twister and Ron Stern. It was the best game yet at that field. About 150 players with high integrity were there. Again, the Stinger paint was very painful, but the higher brands shot great.


I used my new Chipley S6 pump and S5 autococker, then new green mechanical of doom. I was really impressed with how both guns took to the vairety of paint I shot. I had really crappy Stinger, somewhat crappy stinger, and two different types of mid-grade paint. Some soft shell, some hard shell. I had a few barrel breaks with the S5 when I started hammering on it, but otherwise a happy day.







Otto was our fearless general. Now he is Team Krisis, so no more bright green shirts. He is Ninja Black now.



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