Events - April 18 2009 Paintball Central- Wild West

I had a fun time today. Even with limited planning, PBC pulled out one great game. I know some people just focus on the good things, but I would like people to hear the good and bad for the day. The end result is that, outside of splatbrothers, no one pulls off a standard one day game like PBC. (24 hour games are a whole different beast)

1. Missions were interesting and well managed. Nothing like coming into a firefight where an opposing player is carrying a saw-horse over his shoulder. Props were abundant, but rules limited their acquisition. Just plain fun, nothing really complicated.
2. Refs did not cluster and were scattered nicely around the park. You can really tell these are paid refs, there to make sure customer service applies and not voluntary refs who get bored after 5 hours and sit around in clusters and talk.
3. Action was non-stop for the whole day. No lunch break.
4. Final battle was limited to 15 minutes and was crazy small field for immediate action.
5. The quickdraw contest was an imaginative addition.
6. Management was constantly in motion to see/talk to players to see what could be improved for next time.
7. Airfills were good – about 4k, but NO lines.
8. Chrono was checked once at the beginning of the day. Players appeared to be real honest. I never experienced a hot shot.

1. Planning was short sited and player attendance was low. They plan on announcing games further in advance in the future to correct this. Overall, I would say more players were in open play than the “Big Game”.
2. Open games distracted players from the Scenario game. I was drawn to the low side several times seeking a gun fight, only to find out an open game was happening on the pipes field.
3. Refs were they to make sure players had a good time, but were not crazy rules Nazis like we are used to in scenario ball. I had an instance were I asked for a paintcheck and the ref called me clean. Upon further evidence I thought I was out, so I walked off. When in doubt call the hit. I think Focus had a similar situation of when in doubt the refs said play on.
4. Game started late, but nothing major. Mission times got garbled, but again nothing major.

Not bad not good, but additional thoughts:
1. PBC draws many tourney players – very different groups than regular big games that we attend.
2. MY paint SUCKED. For the first time ever (20+ years of playing) I returned a case of paint, as it was so poor in quality. MY second case was better, but not much. I emphasize MY, as in the final battle I took some paint from Focus (damn, I owe you money) and it shot GREAT. Opposing players shot great paint – it appeared that only MY paint was crap. I nailed a player, with a Ref standing right next to me, several times in the back and pack and legs. About 10 hits and nothing broke. I have always had great luck with PBC paint, and Focus’s paint was the quality that I am used to. It was just odd that my paint sucked.
3. Rats won MVT, but as Goblin pointed out – What other teams played on our side?
4. Omen is slowly growing. Goblin hopes to attend more games. Frenzy and Zulu are good guys, but I still miss Badger.
5. It was VERY interesting to see players firing faster on the Big game field than on the team practice x-ball field. It seems that 10bps is very different sounding than 15bps.
6. Final battle was crazy. My bunker was only about 40 feet from their re-spawn point and no one paid attention to me. I did some damage.

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