Events - December 1-3 2006 Waynes World Grand Finale

Initial pictures from PB Junkie.com The photographer did a great job, he stayed very close to the major battles. I am sure he got shot plenty of times. Please support PBJunkie.com

Action on the top edge of Sinker Town in the middle of the field. As you can see I am well outlined, followed by the next picture of the Ref pulling me out, so I don't get to many more times.

A great picture of Otto who was with attacking Sinker Town. Sponsored by Kingman, this is a great picture for him to send back to them. Then followed up by Otto as rear guard at the camp site.

Tanks play a big role at Waynes World. This was my favorite tank at then event. It was in the campsite next to us and played some heavy support roles to us at night play.

Todd (NIDS) and Kyle, another great picture from PB Junkies.



Now some from Ragtop Video Erich (MWR), Lurker and again, Otto who is wondering why this guy is shooting over his shoulder.

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