Events - Black River - We Were Soldiers Game

June 30 2007

This game went surprisingly well for both teams and Black River. The attendance was fairly high, even with the heat of mid-summer and competion from other fields running their own big games. Black River expanded the field even more allowing the focus of the game to be on their fort field in the middle. It was back and forth battle almost all day. Saint from Krisis was the general for our Viet Forces. It ended up being one of the closest points games held at the field. There were several camera people present and they took some good pictures.

Our general, Saint, from Team Krisis



A dead Prodigy after the game ends

Otto and his new uniform. Someone could write a novel on the amount of uniforms he goes thru.

Ken and I talking in the parking lot - me showing off the new Team Rooster t-shirts. Ken sporting the new glove.

Lurker, too hot for Camo, too hot for cover

Severe in the trenches

There were some very good action shots taken at this game...such as:

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