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The AGD Automag Tac-One

Initial write up 8-17-05

By preregistering for the third annual Shatner Big Game for SPPLAT, I was entered into a drawing for a Tac-One. I ended up winning on the very first drawing in April and within a month I had my hands on this gun. The gun is small and light weight. It shoots fast enough for woods ball. It has plenty of places to hook up a scope or other appliances, none of which will ever make it on the gun. The rails just end up making it look cool and very difficult to clean.

The trigger should be an RT, but doesn't seem to operate as fast as the classic RT or Emag mechanical RT. The straight bar trigger allows for easy use with both fingers.

The gun comes standard with Dye grips, which are a huge upgrade over the classic Automag 45 grips.

The front gas-thru grip is useless. I plugged the input hole in the bottom with a spare gauge and the top exit hole with a burst valve, just to keep the dirt out. I felt it was better just to run the macro line from the tank to the X-valve.

The stock barrel is really good. It is a 2-piece, cocker threaded aluminum barrel. It is more accurate than my Dye Stainless and J&J Rifled, but not as accurate as my Freak kit. I have noticed the porting at the end is a bit extreme, as most ball breaks (if the paint is crappy) happen as soon as they hit the porting.

So far I have about 3 cases through it and no breaks on the bolt. The Level 10 bolt kit came installed, so no maintenance on that piece for me. I have yet to open the gun up and if things go well, I will just add oil for the next few years and never take the valve off.


5-17-06 Further Review

I now have mounted a smaller bottle on the gun and added a Special-Ops flashlight on the right side rail and a red-dot laser sight on the left side rail with pressure switches. I only use this gun for night play. I now have about 8-9 cases thru this gun, but most of it night play where 300 rounds is a big event. I have recently removed the red dot laser, as it more of a problem than anything else.

The stock barrel is useless. Yes it is accurate, but it must be made of aluminum or some other light weight, non-durable metal. I put some nice dents and scrapes in the tip - it still shoots fine, but looks ugly. Also, after rapid firing the barrel tends to loosen up, creating some inaccuracy. I now use a long 16 inch empire two piece barrel that tends to stick in there really well.

Gas consumption on this beast is bad. It is not as efficient as many other guns, but for small amounts of firing at night I tend not to worry about that.

Overall the gun is very reliable. I never clean it, oil it, or take it apart and it always works. This is a great gun to also loan to newbies, as it is so simple to maintain and operate.

The gun does tend to break balls when rapid firing. The level 10 helps, but not enough for most scenario grade paintballs.

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