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2002(?) AKA Excalibur Splash Green

Write-up 5-23-06

Purchased July 20, 2005

This is a gun I always dreamed of owning and once I played with it, I put it on the shelf and said "It could have been better".

I had been following the rise in popularity of the AKA guns and the first commercial Electro from them was the AKA Excalibur. A bunch of my friends back in Indiana were on the AKA-is-the-greatest bandwagon and they wanted me to join. Based on price, I just couldn't buy this gun. It was way more expensive then the known guns, such as Angels or E-mags or E-cockers. Then I finally broke down and bought my Viking, the supposed little brother to the Excal design. I love my Viking and thought the Excal would be all that and more. Boy was I wrong.

I bought my heap on Ebay for $200 or so. It seemed like a good deal. I just needed to remove some stickers. Obviously the last owner was on sticker overload. The only image I have for it is my pic from ebay. I have been toying with the idea of rebuilding it. It has some wear, but is in good shape overall. I keep thinking I should send it off to Destructive Customs and have them drop in a new board, trigger and a general overhaul. For $250, I think this may be too much for a gun I will most likely never use again.

No front reg - I came with the Smart Parts Widget gas-thru grip!

Ok, it runs great, has amazing gas efficiency, it shoots far and straight. I just hate the way it feels. It has this weird kick. Most paintball guns shoot/kick up as the bolt recocks. This gun seems to suck the tip down after firing. Also the stacked tube design on this makes the marker way too high/tall for me. I normally like tall guns, but this is just too different.

I recently purchased a locking feedneck for this gun. I plan on picking up small parts here and there as I find them, but again I think this gun will remain on the shelf for a few more months.



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