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2004 AKA Viking

Dust Blue with WAS board and Eyes

Initial write up 5-17-06

I bought this gun on ebay used in January of 2005. the seller was excellent and the gun was as described in near perfect condition. I have always wanted an AKALMP product to play with. Aaron K Alexander was one of the founding members of the Purdue Paintball Club with me and several others - well we didn't start it, but we were the driving force in the first few years. AKA built some unique guns, and I think I have the honor of selling him his first Autococker, which he immediately started modifying.

Back to the gun, this guns remains my all time favorite. I keep trying other guns and always come back to this one. My only Tournament action in 2005 I used this gun and was very happy with it. The Fire rate is low, as compared to the DM series, but fast enough for my needs.

The design of the gun makes it high/tall and awkward for many users, but I like it.I even bumped up the height a bit by adding the drop and using a taller loader. I now tend to stick with a Halo on this gun, just out of preference. (but not always - As seen in the pictures with anything but a halo loader on it).


The stock barrel is very nice. It is accurate, but loud. I now am using my Dye Ultralite or Freak barrel system on it, which again I use just out of preference. Several months ago I purchased an Apex Barrel. This barrel is similar to the flatline system by Tippmann, but uses a different ramp at the barrel tip. I have used the barrel on several guns, but it seems to match the Viking the best - getting the best range and accuracy from the combo.

The air efficiency on this gun is amazing. I can normally plan on shooting all the paint I can haul. At the GI Joe event in VA, I walked onto the final game with about 2000 rounds on me. My belt pack kept me from running anywhere, but I shot at everything I could. I ended up running out of time before I could shoot it all. I also would like to point out, this gun functions great in intense rain. I had no problems at that event, even thought my gear was constantly wet. I had to use a solid (non-ported) barrel, but otherwise the viking functioned great.


To date I have broken two balls, so I think the eyes on this gun are awesome.The Bolt is easy to pop out and clean with the offset firing pin. I have never taken this gun apart and do not own the tools to do it. AKA makes the valves a little difficult to get at, but hey the gun works great, so why do I need to mess with it?

I occasionally will drop some oil into the gun, but that is about is for maintenance. Otherwise at the end of the day I unscrew the air, the put a cloth or squeegee in front of the bolt and fire away. It usually has enough air for about 10-15 shots after the air is removed, so I use this to clean the gun. Strange, but it works.

I think this has some of the most accurate and consistent shooting out of all the modern guns. Too bad AKA stopped making them. I hope to someday pick up a spare as the prices drop over time.

1/1/08 additions....

I still always carry this gun with me, as a back up and end up using it quite often. It ALWAYS works. I have nevr had a leak or a problem. It just keeps going. I loaned it to a friend for use in the 24 hour game at Waynes World 2007 and he used it teh whole weekend, day and night without a problem. The only issues I hate about this gun is that after 30 minutes of non-use the board shuts off - dangerous for night play AND AKA stopped making them. I still think about where AKALMP would be today if they continued making guns. Damn you Aaron for being a quitter.

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