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Brass Eagle Cobra Pump

Write up on 1-1-07

Gun Purchased used December 2006 from Ebay

I was searching on ebay and found this for a quick Buy-It-Now deal. I always have been looking for good, older BE guns. When we first started playing, you had the PMI series of heavy brass pumps with the stacked tube design or the Nelson based single tube design. We all enjoyed the single tube and purchased either Phantoms or Bushmasters. A small group of people acquired a few of the Cobra gun designs and really did good with them. The Cobra and King Cobra (longer barrel) were great guns. Brass Eagle later moved into copying the rapide design and releasing the semi-auto Jaguar, and Barracuda guns that were big hunks of crap. This gun shows what BE used to be, with small production and quality as trade marks. Try and find anyone else who references Brass Eagle and Quality in the same sentence.


Well, lots of brass (see the back bottle adaptor?), came from BE with sights, not just a sight rail. Grooved pump, very similar at the time to the Bushmaster series. Instead of the Dual cocking rails from the pump, we have only left side with a pump arm, leaving the right hand side fully enclosed. It still pumps very smooth. No auto trigger, but who cares. The grip frame is comfortable with thumb groove. Overall, heavier than the average pump gun of the time.

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