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ICD BKO 2004 Model Electric Blue

Initial write up 5-17-06

Gun Purchased New September 2004 from Gotcha Paintball

I think this will be my last time buying a gun from a paintball store. The service at Gotcha Paintball was fine, but man did I get robbed on this purchase. I had sold off my other Electric guns and was wondering how a low end model Electric worked. This was the time period when the under $500 electric guns were just starting to appear and ICD was at the forefront of developing these guns. I figured it was a simple enough design, how could they go wrong?

My BKO has seen little use and will most likely remain on the shelf in the future. I started out using it and noticed the trigger was real fast. It felt really comfortable, but the stock barrel was weak.

On my first use, I broke about every other ball and assumed it was bad paint. The next time out I tried using better paint - I got less breaks, but still had to keep the squeegie in hand at all times. Later on at WW-Grand Finale 2004 I spoke with another BKO owner who explained it was all in mastering the regs. He said I needed to replace the stock reg and then fine tune the LPR. I have always liked my Green Gen-X reg, but even with that I still broke tons of paint.

I hate this back screw. It always comes loose. If it falls out the gun stops working and it naturally gets knocked all around as the gun is firing. If you tighten it down too much it binds agains the hammer and prevents the hammer from moving, so it stops the gun from working. The only solution I have found is to constantly be watching it and tightening it after every round on the field.

I have since given up on this gun. I still think it has one of the best triggers for me - I can really rip out long strings of shots, but it constantly breaks balls. This gun was released before electric eyes became what they are today. It is "blind", but I heard even the upgraded models with eyes still tend to chop lots of paint. My advice is never even bother tryign one of these guns unless you can get it for $50 or less.

I should have added a picture of the front LPR reg. It needs a quarter to fine tune. Yes, a $0.25 coin. You jam it in and twist it. This ends up ripping most of the annodizing off the whole LPR. Awesome design ICD. I love you guys.

I was tempted for a while to try the ICD Freestyle. It claims be this gun but tournament grade! It must be super awesome. I should have known. This gun takes the old Bushmaster name and continues the long, tragic line. I hated my bushmasters. They ALWAYS broke. It has two moving parts and it falls apart - I guess I should save this for the Line SI Bushmaster Pump reviews. No, wait. I hate ICD even more now that they created the Promaster Line. Now they are stealing another gun name, making my ebay searches that much more difficult. Again, ICD I hate you.

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