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2002 Gen-E Matrix Blue

Initial write up 8-17-05

So, without a barrel and loader/feedneck this gun looks pretty bland, even in bright blue. I tried to order one in green, but as of the end of 2002, none were being made and The Matrix Center had none in stock.

One of the drawbacks of this gun is the large box of a frame. It is very tall, but very narrow. With the Halo loader on top and a large tank with drop on the bottom is seems like it is taller than it is longer. As you can see from the striaght on picture, it is very narrow. The Halo loader is very wide, offsetting this. When I switched to a more narrow Viewloader, I noticed the amount of loader hits was greatly reduced. It was also easier to see around.

This gun just sucks up gas. I started with a 3000PSI 68CI and got next to nothing for shot count. I moved to a 3000PSI 114 CI and was getting about 1500 shots per fill. Next I switched to the a 4500PSI 68CI and got about 900 shots per fill. I am not experimenting with different combinations of Evolve bolt kit and C4 mod. Last count was 1800 shots from a 2000PSI 114CI. Things seem to be getting better. One good benefit is the low pressure opertation. With tank pressure at 200 PSI the gun still fires fine. Anything under 800 PSI tank pressure is doom on an Angel or Mag, but runs fine with the Matix.

The Stock barrel sucks. It looks nice with the matching annodizing and appears to be very similar to a CP barrel. Most barrels have an up/down inconsistancy. The stock barrel had that and a left/right curve. I never knew where the next shot was going to land.


Added Notes 5-18-06

I have made all sorts of changes to this gun and still use it often. I upgraded to the KAPP Rhino Reg for the LPR in front and added a new Delrin Bolt Sleve. When I did this, combined with the Evolve bolt the gun now runs happily at about 110 PSI, but with some tweaking I can get it run nicely at 75PSI shooting about 250FPS. At the regular rate of 110PSI I use the standard 68CI 4500 tank and easily get my 2000-2400 rounds out of the gun.

I also think this gun was made to shoot with the Freak Barrel. It is naturally quiet, but with the now Uber-Low Pressure system, it is deadly quiet.

As you can see I have tried all sorts of loaders. I even used a gravity feed system at one point. At 110PSI inline pressure I think the bolt has to be running about half of that - making almost impossible to break a ball on the bolt. Anyway, I did also upgrade recently to a lock down feed neck to allow me to quicky change between the many different loaders I own.

Update 2-7-07: At the recent Black River big game, I encountered a new problem. During rapid fire the bolt would jam in the forward position. By unscrewing the tank from the gun, thus relieving the pressure, the bolt would suddenly "unjam". Changing the LPR made no difference, I tried turning it higher, then lower and no change. At least it didn't break any paint. I was running the pressure into the gun at about 150PSI. This combined withe constant unscrewing of the tank made this one of the most inefficent air rounds I have ever played. I got about 300 shots per 1000 PSI. It was still a fun gun to play with. I used it due to the fact that my two other DMs had gone down and the Viking and Cyborg were loaned out to other players.



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