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Chipley Machine Series 5 pump

Write up on 4-5-07

Gun Purchased new from Primo Paintball

The gun that sounds like a duck. This has been one of my favorite guns for the last few years. I bought it new, which is unusual for me. I had tried playing again with my Traccer and Phantom and didn't like the feel of the gun anymore, as I had gotten to used to carrying an Electro with a front foregrip. I ordered this for an ActionTagg Big game and ended up shooting a case and a half thru it one day of play. The speed, accuracy and consistency of this gun is amazing. In my first day of Rec-ball play with it, I lost the trigger set screw. It did not make the gun unuseable, but did slow the trigger pull down. I still got comments from many people about how fast it still goes with me pumping it.

The gun was originally designed as an autococker. The release of the E-Blade system prompted Chipley to use an unusual combination of spring and hammer that worked great in the Autococker, make it very fast. In the pump it caused the valve to not close properly, generating a loud farting noise after each fire. This loud noise generated lots of attention on the field.

The gun has been very consistent and I have done very little to change it from factory settings. The one thing I found odd was that the internals are not accessible without a special tool kit. I just stayed out of that area.

I now look forward to replacing this gun with the new Series 6 model.

1/1/08 additions....

OK, so back in the summer of 2007 I sent this back to Chipley, as the trigger set screw was missing. It was humorous, the phone call I received from Melissa, the customer service person at CCM. I guess normally chipley owners send their gun back every few months for maintenance, and I had not. Also, it appears I had altered the settings to make it work fast enough for me, but were way out of specs for factory. Melissa informed me that the set screw was replaced and the whole gun was set back to factory standards. Also, Melissa was kind enough to inform me that a loan blue Series 6 was available, as the customer had ordered it months before, but was unable to pay at the time of shipping.

Upon its returns, I immediately changed it back to the way I like it, short stroke and deadly fast. I used it a few more times and allowed Webby to use it an open game at BR on the speedball field. It still rocks.

I have now used this gun just for night play in the past two 24 hour games. I play with the S6 during the day and for fear of getting a scratch on the s6, I use the s5 at night. It is hard to play with a nightscope or searchlight and a pump, but at least I know the shot will always go where I want at night. The gun is now tuned to a solid 240-245 FPS to allow for night play.

The two other series 5 guns I have picked up work equally as well, but this is my first and favorite chipley gun. Even now a rarely use it, now that I have the s6.

So in my ignorance of a great gun, I traded this for a cyborg.  I really should never trade my guns.  It just makes me mad when I go to look for them years later and realize they are gone forever.


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