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Mac Dev Cyborg 2006 Blue

Write up on 1-5-09

My last Cyborg, the Silver '06 just keeps on going and going. So I kept an eye out on ebay for any other Cyborgs that pop up for a good price. This gun sold at a good price, but I still have yet to get it working perfectly.

Problem one: The feed neck has three o-rings in a stack, that as you tighten down the neck, the o-rings clamp onto the loader. This is a really bad design, as the o-rings kept slipping and blocking the ball feeds. I ended up pulling the feed neck off my older cyborg and replacing this one.

Problems two: The gun would never shoot a ball straight. Even the best paint had crazy curves to it. After messing around with the gun in the back yard for a while I found out the ball detents were not set evenly. The right side was tightened down too far, while the left was barely in. A change to this and now the gun shoots striaght - or close to it.

Problem three: I continue to have a lsight air leak in the gun. Normally on other Cyborgs, you just increase the LPR and it seats the valve, or else fire the gun a few times. This does not seem to help this gun. I have no idea on this one.


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