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DM5 Black with Virtue Board

Write up on 7-3-06

Gun Purchased used November 2005 from Ebay

This looked like the deal I couldn't pass up. The DM6 was just released and those loyal to the current fad all had to drop their Dm5 guns cheap to get cash for the new model. I bought this on ebay for a steal, paying what was market gun price, but got the Dye peanut tank, and Halo with Rip drive included, along with some other gear. The exchange was that the gun did not work. It was pretty much stock except for the Virtue Board. It also had some major scratches on the front of the regulator and barrel tip.

Anyway, first project was to get the gun working. I did the standard, new battery and clean and lube job on the gun. I then reset the board to defaults. It worked, but not consistantly. I used it for a while in Florida in December for Waynes World, but ran into problems after a few hundred rounds. I noticed the problems were all based on the bolt sticking. I noticed some problems with the bolt and thought why waste time fixing them - and bought an Evolve bolt kit. I love the Evolve for my DM3, so I figured why wait and upgrade. The gun now runs great with the new bolt.

I still haven't determined effiecincy, but at the BR Anzio game I had about 3500 PSI in the Dye Peanut tank and walked out into the last game with 1700 rounds. I came out with no paint and about 1200 PSI.

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