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DM5 Red with Virtue Board

Gun Purchased LNIB October 2006 from Ebay

Part of a package deal of guns I just couldn't pass up. This is the first one of the batch, but since I already have one I guess I must dump it ASAP.

Update : December 2006

So after playing in the local 3v3 tourney with this gun I was very pleased. The gun worked great without any serious issues. I enjoyed playing in the PSP mode (three shot, then full auto). Some concerns about air efficiency. Without the Evolve bolt like the Black Dm5, it seems to suck up lots of air. Also, I was playing very different, using it full auto all the time. Between these two it hurt. Examples: I would fill up air to about 4000psi on the 70ci tank. I would use loader, then maybe one pod and walk off the field at about 1800PSI. One game I jammed thru loader (Halo by the way) and three extra pods and the gun was drained. So about 200 + 3x140 = 620 rounds and this thing is done. As a comparison,at the October 2006 Hopewell 24 hour game, end of day paint destroyer, with the black DM5, I had roughly 1600 rounds on me. I shot it all and was just starting to dip into the under 1000PSI range. Also at the Anzio big game I shot a similar amount.

Anyway, it sure is a pretty gun. I still think I should sell it, but lack the motivaion.

Problem - During the first time used, after about 1000 rounds, the grip frame came loose. No bad results. I just tightened the front and read screws and everything worked and felt fine. I shot about another 2000 rounds thru it that day and nothing else went wrong.

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