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Write up on 1/3/08

Gun Purchased used June 2008 from TrademyGun.com

This black and silver DM came used from Trade My Gun, a shop that specializes in reselling used tournament guns. This came with a different feed neck than stock and also a CP flow plug in the front. The settings when I first acquired it were 1-2-3- then full auto. It was great at dumping lots of paint down field. I have continued to play with the trigger and settings over time and it is now a semi-auto mode, but fires faster in semi than it did in the pro full auto. The trigger pull is very light and just crazy on speed. The real limiting factor is the loader speed now. I have been running halo only and can tell when the loader cannot keep up.

The gun is light weight and very comfortable for all day big games. The feed neck is fairly short, so the height of the gun isn't bad. The main problem is the length of the gun. From back part to tip of barrel, it gets pretty long.

I still haven't fully measured the air efficiency. On a 68-4500 I can usually dump the 4 pods and loader that I carry, but that is about it. I need more rec days to measure this factor.

My only real complaint is the on/off knob which is small and hard to move. It never comes loose during games, it just takes some effort to turn on or off.

Additional notes: 04-13-09

I did some damage with this gun at PBCharleston. Great for snap shooting and easy to shoot with either hand. I tried using it with the hammerhead barrel system and it broke paint fairly often. I then switched over to a standard Dye barrel and had no more breaks. I am guessing it was just a bad paint to barrel match. I was shooting all my paint each time out. A halo loader and 4 pods. Fills normally got me up to 4000PSI and walking off the field I normally had about 1000-1500 PSI in the tank - meaning I could have got 1-2 more pods out before being low on air.

Additional notes 9-2-10

The trigger system is tuned for super fast. I removed the cap on BPS limit, so it will not go as fast as I want. As I got used to it, I found I was breaking paint more and more often as I hit high rates of speed. My determination was that I was exceeding the Halo feed rate. I recently upgraded to the Dye Rotor feeder and have not experienced any misfeeds or breaks. My assumption is that when this thing gets moving, it exceeds the 20BPS that the Halo feeds at. This has become my go to gun, as it almost never has issues, the eyes work great, it fires fast, no complaints. Even with the DM9 on hand, I still feel myself drawn to this gun.

4-2-12 Yeah I broke it.  Some sort of air leak in the system.  I tried taking the bolt out and replacing some of the o-rings, but found the bolt just not able to come fully apart.  Solution has been to upgrade to a new gun.  I will try another day to get this working again.

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