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Warped Sports Dark Angel IR3

Initial write up 8-17-05

I bought this Dark Angel IR3 several months ago. It worked fine, but I dumped it for some cash. I liked it for several reasonThe gun was a deal on Ebay, my main procurement source. It came with a ton of extra's including hopper, HPA tank, loaders, packs, masks. The gun was a Warped Sports Dark product so it came with the standard lifetime guarentee, so I knew that even if it was broken, someone would fix it for free. I was pumped to use it, but it failed my hopes. The marker was inferior to my Gen-E Matrix mainly due to the poor accuracy at long ranges. This gun rocked at Black River as long as I stayed on the air ball courses. I was picking off elbows and toes on the short 3-man field. It was the 2nd fastest gun I have ever played with, only outdone by the Eclipse LED Angel I had. The best part of the gun was the lightweight frame, compact design and an amazing trigger.

As you can see from the trigger, it had that J-type bottom to it. It was great for shooting over bunkers and keeping the gun at head height or above. I have never found a trigger as comfortble as that one. Not the best on speed, but for snap shooting it was awesome.

The gun was very lightweight. I ended up mounting a Kapp dropforward on it and using a 68ci tank. It was very small and tight. With the vertical trigger/grip it feels perfect for paintball. I wish more guns used this setup.

One major issue was the difficulty of working all the electronics in it. I never used it with my Palm Pilot, which I think would have simplified the whole process. To change settings you had to hit one of three buttons on the back so many times, or in different orders. The manual, very detailed on other issues, decided to skip over this section. I bet I could find 3 electrical engineers to look at it and 2 of the 3 would say the design sucks for usablility. After using it for a few games I acknowledge the LED version is much better - just an on/off switch.

I wanted a gun equal or better than my Matrix and did not find it in this gun. I ended up selling it on ebay after putting about 2 cases through it. Luckily, I made a profit on the sale so it wasn't a complete loss.


Additional Notes 5-18-06

Yeah, I still miss this gun. At least I got some good cash for it when I sold it - I think about $750. I still look on ebay occasionally to see if I can find another one to replace this. The eyes on this gun sucked compared to what we have now, but it was still fun to play with.

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