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Green Series 5 Chipley Autococker

Another Ebay find


Serial number 1005. One of the initial Series 5 guns to be made. Annodized Green from the factory - notice the CCM and Series 5 logos are still intact. Comes with matching barrel from CCM, but 12 inch and not 14 like I am used to. The trigger is an excellent swing trigger, not slide. The Kapp Flame drop works well and is far enought forward to make me happy.

I thought it had some cool green Dye grips, but it ended up being 32-Degrees grips. Not as comfortable, but still good.

The real surprise on this gun was the Richochet loader. I have never used one and now that I have played with one I will do my best to avoid them in the future.

After about 3 cases thru this gun I am very impressed. With a good paint to bore match it can consistantly hit what it is aiming at. At the chrono area, the FPS barely ever changes.

I have noticed when the air pressure gets low it tends to leak slightly from the 3-way valve in front, but nothing serious. Just holding the trigger down in the cocked position stops the leaking.

I still haven't gotten used to the trigger and tend to sort stroke occasionally. I used it for the first time at the Black River Big Game May 5, 2007 and got about 3000 rounds thru it. It worked well.


Additional Write-up 1/7/08

In the final months of 2007, I burst the macro line to the bottle and had to replace it with a non-green tube. Also, from hammering on it so much, I ripped the o-ring on the internal valve. Instead of replacing the o-ring, I replaced it with a stock Worr Valve. I also tuned the trigger to make it go a little faster for me. I used it 1/6/08 at BR for just pick up play and it shoots fast and straight. I still tend to short stroke the trigger after playing with electros, but I am sure I will always have this rough transition between guns/styles.

I only shot about 1000 rounds thru it, but I used some of the crappiest paint I could find. It only broke a few balls and I think that was more me hitting the trigger wrong, than the gun going bad.

Also, with the light valve spring, I noticed that if I adjust the velocity too much using the back spring setting, it can put a little pressure on the valve making a slight leak. One solution is to not do this, the other is to fire a few rounds and bang the valve spring around until it sits right. I think another solution would be to increase the LPR pressure, but I did not try that method.

More Review: 02/16/09

I brought this gun out of storage late in the 2008 year and it was leaking constantly from the valve. I own the valve tools and spare parts, but I have no time to work on a gun that I might only use for a few hundred rounds per year. The solution to my problem - send it back to CCM. I shipped it off along with the other Green Series 5 and will have them work it over.

I am not sure on the numbering sequence. From what I have heard, but unsupported by any real evidence is that the first 20 guns of the series 5 were done in alternating colors of red, blue, green and black -roughly five of each. Later on other batches of guns were sent to be annodized, but the green color was dropped by CCM as the colors were not consitant and tended to fade. Later annodized CCM series 5 guns in the blue and red colors were different in that they used the slimmed down front regulator and the long tube deisgn seen on mine.


Gun was shipped to CCM and then returned to me. They rebuilt/tuned/lubed the gun and made it very happy. Playing with it on 3/14 at Splatbrothers made me happy. Conditions were cold and rainy and it did well. It is somewhat difficult to shoot slowly. It just wants to run fast. As the air tank got under 1000PSI the gun had some issues, but otherwise killed planty of people.

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