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Green Series 6a Chipley pump

Direct from CCM - Purchased December 2008


During the Thanksgiving break of 2008, as I sat browsing McarterBrown forums, I found a post from CCM saying they were making 5 of the series 6A pumps in Green. They had not made green guns in several years and had recently moved anodizing to a new shop. The new shop claimed they made a good green color and a test run was done.

This image is taken from CCM. When they released pictures of what was available back in November 2008. You can't tell from the above picture, but mine has the 45 handgrips which are a bit thicker and use a larger rubber base, as compared to the 86 degree grips in the factory image. I just like this picture as it shows exactly what came with the gun - barrel and matching sizer inserts.

Talking to Melissa, she said the demand was limited in prior years, as CCM the autococker and E-cocker company was focused on securing a place in the tournament scene, where green markers just did not fit in as much as the bright blues and reds. Now that CCM is back to focusing on pump and woods play, green is the next big thing.

For those of you who don't see the difference - the prior Series 6 in blue that I had acquired has different milling at the front of the gun. The ASA on the 6A is all one piece. The regulator screws right into the gun, as compared to the plain 6 where there is a piece that connects the regulator to the main body.

First use at Wayne's World 2008, where Gary Baum at Paintballphotography.com got the above picture. MY only picture from the event and it appears that is completely focused on the gun - the way it should be. I figured I needed to shoot about 2000 rounds thru the gun to break it in. I broke it out at about 10 am Sunday and played until one and got my 2000 rounds out of it.

Next use was at Adventure Beach in February '09. I shot about 1800 round thru it in the day and it was damn consistant. Velocity never really changed from ball to ball over the chrono. Then came night play. Even adjusting the regulator, I still could not get the thing to change much. I guess it is set at 280 and done.

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