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Havok Nerf Launcher

Purchased October 2009



I bought this in preperation for Fulda Gap in Nov. At FG I never even got to use it. The first time was at Waynes World and I had issues there - not with the launcher, but with the rules.

For the most part I have been keeping this as a seperate module and carrying a sling with it. As you can see from this "action" picture to really use the gun effectively, I need to find a spot to lay down my gear, transfer from main gun to the launcher and, if it might go several shots, I need to line up the rounds for quick access. This picture was taken at Boss Paintball in April 2010, as I was getting more familiar with the launcher.

It is not just carry the launcher that can be a burden. You also need to carry all the nerf rockets. As I learned quickly, if you throw them in pockets they get crushed and don't fly right. So now I need to caryy a whole row of extra pods with the rockets. As you can see if the picture, I carry either 3 or 4 large capacity pods (140+ rounds of paint) and then 3 tubes of rockets using the smaller 100 round tubes. It makes for a big load out.

The next situation will be mounting this launcher to the Smart Parts SP1 I picked up and seeing how heavy the two of them are combined. I think the launcher makes a big target when it is mounted on the gun. So far the best uses of the laumcher haev been when I have been able to manuever to a good shooting postion, so keep the gun handy is critical.

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