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ICD Panther

Write-up 1-15-07

I like buying package deals on ebay. I purchased a Cocker and mag one time and the owner sent me an email that he would be late in shipping, but would make up for it by adding another gun. I ended up getting this Panther. I have never played with it. I aired it up and shot a few rounds, but it has never visited a paintball field with me. I doubt I ever will take it out.

It does reflect a nice period in time when the Automags tended to dominate the tournament scene. Companies were scrambling to come up with a low cost gun similar to the 'Mag. This gun was released in about the same time period as the original Kingman Spyders. It was smaller and light weight like the mag, but was a blow-back design like the Illustrators and Tippmanns of the time.

My friend Chris purchased one of these in the summer of 1994. We got it working ok, but it just couldn't stand the pounding we gave our guns back then, like our mags. Chris's gun soon developed problems. He quickly upgraded to a mag like the rest of us. The Panther had one of the best phone support phone calls I have ever heard. Chris's gun was leaking down the barrel. We swapped out with all new o-rings and nothing changed. I called ICD support and they told me to fire the gun repeatedly into the phone. They claimed they could diagnose the problem from that. Anyway, I shipped the gun back to them for a full refund soon after the call.


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