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Eclipse Angel 1999 model LED

Initial write up 8-17-05

At the same time I bought the Dark IR3, I got an '99 Eclipse Angel LED in a Blue Splash design. It had an awesome trigger job done to it and could really throw some paint. It also came with the intellifeed loader, which made the whole package lighter. One problem was the verticle regulator. Older Angels come with different threading on the front regs. You could only use their specifically threaded regs. The gun worked well, but had some drawbacks. It really sucked up air and had issues with long range firefights. Also, the balance was not so good, so snap shooting was difficult. I needed cash, so back to ebay it went.


Added Notes 5-17-06

Looking back this gun was pretty light, but the added advantage of no batteries in the loader helped a lot. The Angel batteries powered both the gun and the loader and still lasted forever. the splash annodizing was so '90s. I think I got about $350 for this gun when I sold it, and I am much happier with the money than having this gun on my shelf. Eclipse makes good guns, but at its core, this thing was still an angel.



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