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Dye DM9 with Ron Paul Lasering

Purchased 3/23/12


No one loves Ron Paul  - or at least on ebay.com.  I had been looking for another DM since the loss of my green dm9 and the failure of my DM7.  Searching on ebay I found a DM8 a few months back, but even numbers are BAD(for some unknown reason I only play with odd year Dye guns and even number Eclipse guns).  While many DM9 guns are selling for $400-$500, I found a DM9 with "Ron Paul Revolution" laser engraved in the side and no one was bidding.  I ending up grabbing it for a bit over $300 with shipping.  Basically a stock DM with barrel.  It was just dirty as hell. I brought it home and it shot like a champ.  It was set on 1,2,3, then step up to 2x fire per pull.  I am not sure about that kind of speed, but it could be fun to play with.

I have not decided what to do with the laser of Ron Paul.  I think with some minimal changes/stickers I can change it to Raleigh Paintball Revolution.

Update 4-15-12 I played with the gun for the first time at Black River yesterday and I worked perfectly.  It was initially shooting a little hot, but a quick turn of the HPR and we were back down to the needed 280-285 range.  It was accurate and fast enough.  I really don't like the ramping and need to turn that off.  I plan on getting this thing set int he same format as my DM7 with a steady, solid trigger that doesn't ramp. 

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