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Blue Chipley Series 6 pump

Write up on 7-30-07

Gun Purchased new from Chipley May 2007

I had gotten some interest in people purchasing my Chipley series 5 pump gun (the Duck), so I sent it back to Melissa at Chipley for some basic repairs and maintenance. While on the phone I asked her about the series 6 pump guns that had just been released and were very hard to come by. She informed me that if I wanted to take possession of someone's blue gun she could arrange it. Apparently the wait for the gun is about 2-3 months from the factory and someone had ordered a blue gun, then backed out of the deal. The gun was in the final stages of assemble and was meant to be mine.

The gun has functioned flawlessly. It has some neat features and is incredibly light weight. Chipley really carved everything they could off. The grip frame is about half the width of a normal trigger system and seems unusual at first.

The gun is the fastest pump I have ever shot. I have no return spring mounted in the pump-arm, like so many new pump players are using. The pump motion is very smooth and very fast. The auto-trigger system is nice, but not really needed. I guess the only flaw that I can find in teh gun is the change to the non-wire ball detention system. I liked the ball detents on the Series 5 pump and thought they worked great. Yeah, so they eventually put a groove on the bolt, but well worth the marking.

Chronographing this gun is interesting. It took about 1000-1300 rounds through the gun before it became stable at the the chrono. Now it usually gets the standard +/-2 at the station. If the gun is pointed slighly down at the chrono station, the ball will roll forward about a half inch, resulting in a consistant 40FPS drop in speed. Again, this ties back to my desire for the wire ball detents. Anyway, it still is very consistant. I know no ref would ever look at the pump player and accuse them of rolling the ball forward, or even know what was being done. I think this makes the gun a Super-Cheater gun. I hope by writing this here, someone takes notice and alerts refs to this.

I played at Adventure beach with this gun in late 2007. PBjunkie was there taking pictures. He sure is a nice guy. Yeah that picture is taken in October. It sure was hot down there in October. This is one of the few times I played without a hat or headcover. I was lucky to not bring any ticks home with me.

The picture shows the perferred style. After a few hits on the hand, or front of the gun, the pump handle can become slippery so a front glove is needed. As for the trigger hand, gloves are options. I figure I have plenty of protection from the trigger guard and regulator that it unlikely that it will hit my hand.


More Write up: Feb 2009.

I have been bringing this gun along on trips for 2 years now and nothing has ever gone wrong. I used to keep it hidden and away from people to keep it safe. Now I loan it out to anyone who asks. Many people like to try playing pump games and will get discouraged by the crappy $100 pump guns. People have to learn that if the gun began as a broken autococker, it will probably not get better by putting a pump kit on it. The chipley is the best pump made and people who have tried the crappy pumps are amazed at what this gun can do.


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