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Diablo Slayer

Gun Purchased new from First Call Paintball/Ebay in September 2008

I know it is a crappy image of the gun. It is the best I have. I doubt this gun will ever make to the field. The gun was to be part of my collection of various guns of the same design. This gun is part of the same family as the Diadem, Wrath, AR1, and RPM. All look very similar and were probably all made in the same factory in China. I played for a few weeks with the Diadem, supposedly the best of the breed, with limited results. The slayer is considered middle class in this line. It does not have the features the Wrath and Diadem have, but is superior to the AR1 and Odyssey RPM.

The gun comes with a nice clamping feedneck, A decent regulator, a solid LPR in front. The duckbill ASA is straight out of the 90's. Also I believe the airline from the LPR runs down the length of the gun internally and then connects into the back of the gun. From this picture you can sort of see the little not on the back of the gun that is the 90 degree elbow. The grip frame is actually very thick. I guess it was designed for people with big hands.

At least the dust blue anodizing is nice.

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