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Brass Eagle Talon

Gun Purchased on Ebay January 2009

The entire description on ebay...

"used very little,great beginner or kids gun to learn with. "

Used very little. If this is true then the majority of the rounds through the gun broke on the bolt. Being a plastic gun, it had rust on any part that was metal. At least it had the original box. Looks like the 10 round tube didn't make it in the trip. Anyway. I just need to find some time to clean it up and get it hung on the wall. I think I will start exploring the idea of a Brass Eagle section on the wall. Guns that have a part in paintball history, but I never want to play with.

From what I understand this gun was produced to sell to Dick's and Walmart as a super cheap gun for new players. The price was normally from $25-$40 for the gun. I read some reviews of it over at PBReview.com and it basically is everything you can get for $25. The scary thing is that it has 25 pages of reviews - one of the larger listings on the site. One of the best quotes on the page when it asks for similar products used "toilet bowl". That about sums up this gun.

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