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Monteel Z-1

Gun Purchased on Ebay June 2009

Paintball Marker Montneel Vintage Z1- images right from ebay sale site

Text on the ebay sale:
"This is an older Montneel Paintball Marker Z-1 Semi-Auto. This specific marker is a rental unit and is very strongly constructed. The cocking mechanism works, as does the trigger. It will cock and the trigger will release the bolt. I have no way to test this unit. The body is milled from aluminum alloy, and adnodized except for the reciever part (crinkle finish). The barrel is BRASS lined (very unusual). The barrel will disconnect from the marker by unscrewing on the knurled knob and pulling out the barrel. The grip handle is made by Lone Star Ordnance. A similar style grip is also used on some rifles. The marker is offered untested for parts/hobby use with no guarantee of function. Total length is about 18 3/4 inches. The caliber appears to be 69."


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