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Black Matrix Gen-E/Dye

Write up on 1-1-07

Gun Purchased New in Box October 2004 from Ebay

I loved my Blue Generation-E Matrix that I bought in 2002. At this point the DM4 was released and the DM5 was in previews. I found a store owner that was sitting on a stockpile of these older guns. I had no problems with my other one, so I figured I might as well buy one, as the price would never get lower for a brand new, never used one of these. It was easy to tell if these guns were used based on the shot counter installed in the grip. This gun showed up with under 100 cycles on it, meaning it probably had never been aired up. I used it to death at the Wayne's World Grand Finale, 2004. It ran great and never had problems. It was fun playing with Jeff, him using this and I used the Blue one at the Skirmish Big game in 2005.

These guns are great. I ended up giving this gun to Jeff for parts to build a remote controlled gun for the future tank. I could probably get it back if I needed parts, but the blue one never breaks.


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