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Tippmann 98 with Flatline, LPR and RT trigger

Initial write up 5-24-06

Purchased November 2001

I bought this gun used on ebay when I lived in California. I was just starting to come across the new 98's with the RT trigger and Flatline barrel system. I thought they were impressive and much more reliable than my Mini-cocker I was using at the time. this gun came with the Flatline barrel and old-school RT trigger. It also had the back recock system, which sounded slightly odd the first few times I used it. I soon noticed the bolt inside was cracked and the recocking system was not working properly. So much for buying quality equipment from ebay. Anyway, Tippmann has always treated me well. I gave them a call and explained my problem of busted bolt and high amount of paint chops. They said they would ship me the parts (for free) or I could ship them the gun and they would they would drop in the new bolt and also correctly align my flatline. The claimed that the misalignment of the flatline barrel causes a lot of ball chops in the gun. I figured since it was going back to Tippy, I would have them install a Low Pressure kit so I could use nitro.

Now I have this uber gun that has every known mod for a tippmann at the time, and then comes the rainy season in California. I used the gun a few times in Raleigh, but was getting really jealous of all the new electros on the field. This gun was soon replaced by my Blue Matrix in the fall of 2002.

In 2003 my house flooded and most of paintball guns sat in a puddle for about a week. My twin mags were ruined, my cocker was full of rust. My phantom and tracer pumps had rust on the bolts. This gun got the worst of it. I remember picking it up and water came out of the barrel. I gassed it up and it still worked. There was that time in early 2004 I ended up playing with this gun again, waiting for a new gun to come in and before all the older ones had the rust removed. This gun performed like a champ.

You can still see the rust on the screws, but it makes to difference. From this picture you can see the old school adjustable RT system. You can quickly adjust the sensitivity of the RT, no tools, just thumb dial it in.

I always brought this gun to the field, just in case all the others failed. Today it has joined the heap of guns in my basement. I now have replaced it with a newer Custom 98, with an e-grip. I missed the flatline at times, but I now have the Apex barrel that mounts to a Cocker threading for those fun times when I want to shoot really far.

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